Nexus Energie

Nexus Energie supports you in decarbonizing your activities through the supply of low-emission hydrocarbons.

Nexus Energie

In a world where ecology and the future of our planet are becoming the most important concerns of our time, Nexus Energie was created with the aim of bringing greener solutions to industry players.

Thanks to solid partnerships with players working towards decarbonization, we are able to offer a range of products from a variety of sources: natural, from the circular economy, and so on.

For example, we offer technologies designed for the circular economy, enabling petroleum residues and waste oils to be recycled into fuels and light bitumen.

The upgrading offered by the technology and this know-how enable hydrocarbons to be integrated into a specific circular economy, supporting the energy transition of hydrocarbon products and the optimization of resources.

This upgrading process is 100% traceable and transparent, in compliance with international and local regulations.

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