Nexus France

Nexus France gathers several consulting and trading activities around mechanics, defence industry and aeronautics.

Nexus France

Established in 2011, Nexus France, previously known as “Mechanical Spare Parts France” and initially registered under the name “Military Spare Parts France”, gathers several consulting and trading activities around mechanics, defence industry and aeronautics.

Mirage 2000

Nexus France was initially founded to support Leclerc main battle tanks in the United Arab Emirates. At the time, several French SMEs had failed in their contractual obligations and the client suggested the creation of a replacement structure. After several successful operations and years of support appreciated by this first customer, various partnerships have been established with European OEM and export customers.

As of today, Nexus France offers its services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia and continues to expand its scope of activities and expertise for the benefit of its customers.


Land Forces Support Capabilities

Nexus France provides, for the support of combat vehicles (AFV), transport vehicles (APC) and logistical support / recovery vehicles, technical advisory missions as well as supply of parts and sub-assemblies, consumables, maintenance kits, tooling, as well as repair services. Nexus France also supplies complete vehicles – as is, reconditioned or modernized.

Nexus France supplies is also a supplier of complete wheels and specific tires (France and NATO). It also supplies weapon and ammunition systems, radios and communication systems.

Some examples of supported platforms:

Leclerc tanks (NEXTER), VAB (ARQUUS), AMX (NEXTER), VLRA (ACMAT) and VBL (PANHARD) platforms.

PUMA + VBL Afghanistan

Air Forces Support Capabilities

For the support of aircraft, helicopters and planes (combat, transport, reconnaissance), Nexus France provides parts and sub-assemblies, consumables, as well as repair services. For the maintenance and preparation of air operations, Nexus France also provides ground support equipment (GSE) including but not limited to: tools, test benches, nacelles, runway tractors, refuelling systems, electrical generators / converters, bomb loaders, etc.

Some examples of components supplied: avionics, engine parts and nacelles, bearings, actuators, pumps, canopies, windows and windshields for helicopters / fighters / transport aircraft, filtration systems, fire extinguishers, tires, flotation systems, emergency location transmitters, life rafts, emergency parachutes, gaskets, seals, fasteners, hardware, etc.

Some examples of supported platforms:

Fixed wings: Mirage 2000, Airbus A330 (MRTT), Boeing 707 (AWACS), C130, CASA CN 235, CASA CN 295, Cessna, Beechcraft, etc.

Rotary wings: Alouette (SA316), Gazelle (SA340), Ecureuil/Fennec (AS350/AS550/H125), Dauphin/Panther (AS365/AS565/H155), Puma (SA330), Super Puma (AS332), Caracal (H225) , etc.

CASA 235

Certifications and authorizations

Nexus France has the accreditations and authorisations issued by the DGA (the French Defence Procurement Agency), Ministry of Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior. These authorizations include licence required to manufacture, stock and import and export military components and equipment.

Nexus France is registered with NATO procurement agency under the cage code “FB2Z7”.

Nexus France has ISO 9001 certification as well as additional EN9120 certification.

Other business units

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