Nexus USA

Nexus USA is the branch dedicated to the support of the North American defense market.

Nexus USA

Established in 2021 under the Cage code 95XZ5, Nexus USA is the branch dedicated to the support of the North American defense market. 

As well as its sister company in France, Nexus USA aims at offering to its customers in support services for aircraft (helicopters, recce and transport planes, etc.), airborne systems (UAV), ground support equipment and land systems.

Boeing E-3 Sentry

Air Forces Support Capabilities

For the support of aircraft, helicopters and planes, Nexus USA provides parts and sub-assemblies, consumables, as well as repair services. For the maintenance and preparation of air operations, Nexus USA also provides ground support equipment (GSE) including but not limited to: tools, test benches, nacelles, runway tractors, refuelling systems, electrical generators / converters, bomb loaders, etc.

Some examples of components supplied: avionics, engine parts and nacelles, bearings, actuators, pumps, canopies, windows and windshields for helicopters / fighters / transport aircraft, filtration systems, fire extinguishers, tires, flotation systems, emergency location transmitters, life rafts, emergency parachutes, gaskets, seals, fasteners, hardware, etc.

In addition to its customer orientation, Nexus USA also aims to provide the other branches of the group with its local support and its ability to deal with American manufacturers for the benefit of all of the group’s customers.

USCG MH-65 Dolphin

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